60 Gender Neutral Dog Names With Meanings and Origins

Gender Neutral Dog Names With Meanings and Origins

Are you trying to decide on the perfect name for your pup? Are you looking for gender neutral, unisex dog names? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, 60 Gender Neutral Dog Names With Meanings and Origins, we provide you with a list of unisex dog names, and we’ve also included the origins and meanings of the names. From friendly and cute names to unique and quirky monikers, we’ve got both male and female puppies covered!

What Is Meant By Gender Neutral Name?

In general, gender-neutral or unisex dog names refer to names that don’t fall into typically traditional masculine or feminine categories and don’t specifically identify a dog’s gender. This means that gender neutral names can be used for either males or females.

Why Are Unisex Dog Names Becoming More Popular?

There are a couple of answers to this question.

First, there is a growing trend among pet owners to choose unique and interesting names for their animals instead of choosing traditional male or female names.

Second, many people believe that giving dogs approximately the same amount of recognition and respect regardless of their sex is important.

What To Consider When Choosing A Dog Name

Gender Neutral Dog Names With Meanings and Origins

When becoming a new parent to your puppy one of the most fun and important steps for dog owners is finding the perfect name for their pooch. One question it seems that all new dog parents ask is what should I consider when choosing my puppy’s name.

There is no one correct way when it comes to naming your dog, but when choosing a dog name, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you might want to consider your dog’s personality, energy level, and environmental needs. For example, some dogs are outgoing and friendly all the time, while others can be quite reserved. In this case, choosing a name that reflects your dog’s personality might make sense.

Second, make sure the name is not too long or difficult to pronounce.

Additionally, when deciding on gender neutral names (unisex names) for puppies, avoid words that connote either masculinity or femininity (i.e., alpha-male and beta-female).

Another idea you might consider is naming your puppy after its breed. For example, looking for an Irish name for your Irish Setter, a German name for your Great Dane or even a French word for your French Bulldog.

How about including your heritage in your pup’s name. For example, if your Irish surname is say something like O’Sullivan, finding a name for your puppy that also has an Irish origin.

Once you have found a name your dog likes, instill confidence in them by continually using it when referring to them, so they learn who they are and to come to you when they hear their name.

Gender Neutral Dog Names With Meanings and Origins

So let’s get started in finding the perfect name for your pup.

60 Gender Neutral – Unisex Dog Names

AddisonSon of AdamOld English
Alex (Alexandra/Alexander)Defender of Human KindGreek
AriLion of God
Ashton (Ash)From the Ash TreeOld English
AspenShaking TreeEnglish
AubreyKing of ElvesGerman
BlaineYellowGaelic and Scottish
Carrie (Carey, Kerry)Free ManGerman
CaseyWatchfulIrish Gaelic
Charlie (Charley)Free Man / WarriorGerman
CleoTo PraiseGreek
Coco (Cocoa)CoconutSpanish/Portuguese
CosmoOrder, Decency, BeautyGreek
Dani (Danny)God is My JudgeHebrew
DarbyFree From EnvyEnglish
DrewBrave, CourageousGreek
FinleyFaired-Haired, Courageous OneScottish
Frankie (Franky)Free, TruthfulLatin
HarleyHare’s MeadowOld English
Harlo (Harlow)Rock/Army HillOld English
HarperHarp PlayerEnglish, Scottish, Irish
Jade (Jaden)Precious StoneSpanish
Jesse (Jessie)God’s Gift, God ExistsEnglish, Dutch, Hebrew
JodyJehovah increasesHebrew
Jordan (Jordi)To Flow Down, DescendGreek, Hebrew
JulesYouthfulLatin, French
KaiKeeper of the Keys and Earth
KelseyShip’s Island, Victory ShipOld English
KirbyChurch SettlementEnglish, Irish
Mackenzie (Mac, Kenzy)Attractive, ComelyScottish
MakotoSincerity Japanese
MarlowDriftwoodOld English
Mickie (Mickey)Who Is Like GodHebrew
NikitaVictoryRussian, Greek
PaisleyChurch, CemetaryScottish
Peyton (Payton)Warrior’s EstateIrish, English
Quinn (Quin)Counsel, WisdomIrish
RayneAbundant Blessings From AboveLatin
Raleigh (Riley)Deer’s MeadowBritish
Ricki (Ricky)Brave RulerGerman
SageWise OneLatin
Sam (Sammy Samantha)Told By GodHebrew
ShaneGod Is GraciousIrish
ShayStately GiftIrish
ShilohHeavenly PeaceHebrew
Skyler SkylarScholarDutch
Sidney (Sydney)Riverside MeadowEnglish
TaylorTailorFrench, English
TracyFighter, War-likeIrish

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Today, it seems everyone is looking for unique traditional or unique unisex dog names for their pet. One thing you should keep in mind while choosing gender neutral dog names is that it should not be too masculine or feminine.

In reading 60 Gender Neutral Dog Names, Meanings, and Origins and was able to come across an inspiring, and unique name yet feel like your pup may not be quite happy with it, don’t worry! Try other options till you find the one they love and trust! In case none works out for them, no worries! You can always try making up something new based on their birth date or birthday, as this will give them a sense of continuity at home.

Happy Naming!

Do you have any other ideas for neutral or unisex names? Please comment below.

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