What Is A Chocolate English Bulldog?

Chocolate English Bulldogs Have Unique
Characteristics, With The Most
Obvious Being A Brown Nose

Chocolate Triple Carrier English Bulldog Stud Missouri

Silas, Our Chocolate Triple Carrier AKC Bulldog Stud

Chocolate, in English Bulldogs, is much more than a coat color. In fact, since the gene that produces chocolate in a Bulldog affects the black pigment (only), the coat color may not be affected at all, or very little by the Chocolate gene.

The Chocolate gene, when dominant, will replace the black pigment throughout the dog with a brown tone. The most obvious area where this can be seen is in the nose. A Chocolate is easy to spot, with an unusual brown (to light pink) tone, versus the standard black nose.

Other areas of the Bulldog will also be affected, such as any black coloring in their coat, which will become Chocolate (brown) as well. Chocolate Bulldogs will have no black in their coat and their eyes will be a lighter color as well, from very light brown to a bright, amber yellow.

To produce Chocolate English Bulldog puppies, the chocolate gene is required in both parents. Whether each is a full Chocolate, or simply a carrier, they both must have the genetics to produce this unique color. Being a carrier means they do not show Chocolate, but have the recessive Chocolate gene. It is absolutely impossible to produce Chocolate puppies without both parents carrying the gene.

On the other hand, if a full Chocolate (dominant, showing brown pigment) dog is bred to a standard color dog that does not carry chocolate, the Chocolate genetics will be passed to every puppy, making each of them a Chocolate carrier.

There are a lot of variations of Chocolate, from light chocolate fawn to dark chocolate tri (more on the combination of colors later), but this general overview should provide a basic understanding of the Chocolate gene in English Bulldogs.

For more information and photos of a Chocolate English Bulldog, see Silas, our Chocolate Triple Carrier; or Cavo, our Dark Chocolate Tri, Triple Carrier.