Do French Bulldogs Shed? Here’s Why and Tips On Prevention

If you have a Frenchie Bulldog, you’re probably familiar with their trademarked ability to shed. But what’s the deal? Why do they do it? And how can you prevent it from happening? In Do French Bulldogs Shed? Here’s Why and Tips on Prevention, we’ll explore the reasons behind French Bulldogs’ legendary shedding habits and provide some shedding prevention tips. So whether you’re looking to understand why your dog sheds, or just want to keep things tidy in the house, read on!

Do French Bulldogs shed? 

So, do French Bulldogs Shed? The short answer is yes. You’re almost guaranteed to begin seeing hair around your home, furniture, and clothing when your French Bulldog shedding begins, leading to allergic reactions for many.

If you’re bringing a French Bulldog home, prepare to deal with some dog hair around your home. Shedding is found in many dog breeds, and the bulldog is no different. Shedding is simply a part of their and Bulldog’s natural process where old and damaged hair is lost as the new hair grows in. The shedding process produces a lot of dander or flaxy skin. This usually happens seasonally but could be more frequent for Bulldogs with health issues.

Common Reasons French Bulldogs Shed

The level of shedding varies depending on the type of Bulldog breed you have and their health.

Understanding how or when shedding occurs can help you minimize or prevent allergic reactions.

Seasonal Shedding

Most French Bulldogs will shed twice a year, during the spring season and again during the fall. French Bulldogs that grow thick coats during the winter will shed during the summertime. Those with a thinner coat will shed some of their fur in the spring or summer months to prevent them from getting too hot.

Poor Nutrition

Bad diets that aren’t providing enough nutrition is a reason for excessive French Bulldog shedding.


Your Frenchie could be allergic to something that might cause excessive shedding. Anything from a specific shampoo, house products, or food it may be eating. Allergies from food could cause skin irritation, which will lead to your Bulldog scratching, biting, and losing hair. Dust, tree, and plant pollen are other sources that could cause irritation for your dog, causing them to shed more fur.


If your dog develops bald patches or an odd smell, it may have encountered fleas, ticks, mites, or worms, causing more hair loss. These parasites cause itchy skin and, if not treated, will have your Bulldog constantly scratching to alleviate the itch.

Fungal Or Bacterial Infections

Look out for bacterial or yeast infections; this also may cause itching and hair loss. Your Frenchie may show ringworms on their skin; you’ll notice hair loss in infected areas.

Hypothyroidism or Cushing’s Disease

Your Frenchie could be experiencing issues with their thyroid gland, stopping them from producing enough thyroxine hormone for their body. They could also be experiencing Cushing’s disease, causing your Bulldog’s adrenal glands to produce an excessive amount of cortisol (a stress hormone). Too much cortisol would lead to excessive eating, constant urination, and stress, leading to the loss of hair.


Dogs have emotions just like us. If you’re noticing a loss of hair in your dog without any notable reason, stress could be the cause. Your Bulldog might not like being left alone for long periods of time. Having them spend a lot of alone time can lead to separation anxiety and stress.

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Hormonal Imbalances

Something also to look at is hormone imbalances after giving birth or being neutered for older dogs.


French Bulldogs that aren’t purebred tend to shed more.

Tips to Help with Excessive Shedding

Quality Food

Providing quality dog food to your Frenchie is important. Making sure your Bulldog has a healthy diet will help keep their fur coat clean and keep down the amount of shedding. A nutrient filled, well balanced diet and nutrient-filled diet keeps their coat healthy and strong, and omega 3 fatty acids keep the skin moisturized. Having moisturized skin can stop dander and excessive shedding, resulting in less hair around your home.


If your French Bulldog stays clean, then a monthly bath would be good enough. Constant bathing can make your French Bulldog lose the natural oils in their skin that maintain their healthy coat. Mild dog shampoo is enough to eliminate any dead hair and dander that might be hanging on. Also, don’t forget to dry their fur quickly with an absorbent towel because they’ll get cold after a bath.

Grooming and Skincare Routine

Brushing your Frenchie’s hair regularly will help get rid of dander and loose fur, helping to keep their fur coat clean and smooth. Shedding specific dog brushes in the summertime can help bring down their body heat by allowing them to cool off more. You’ll also be able to spot any early signs of skin problems and irritations if you brush regularly.

Food Allergies

If you’re thinking of ruling out food allergies, consult with a vet first. A vet will help you identify any possible food causing your dog irritation by eliminating any ingredient you might think could be causing your dog’s skin irritation. From there, keep an eye out to see if there is an improvement in your dog’s coat. If food allergies are, in fact, an issue, your veterinarian can also recommend medication to alleviate itching and hair loss.

Parasites Prevention

Aside from shedding excessively, your French Bulldog might encounter parasites that can inflame the skin and cause other skin issues. Your vet will be able to recommend some control products for this. Also, watch out for outdoor feces that your Bulldog might encounter; they can be a hotbed for parasites.

Meet With Your Vet

The best person to speak with is a veterinarian when it comes to any French Bulldog issue. Discuss with your veterinarian to eliminate any health condition that could be causing your Frenchie to shed.

Keeping Your House Clean With A Shedding Bulldog

Let’s go over these tips to keep your home clean while living with a shedding pet.

Bulldog Safe Furniture 

Invest in furniture with strong, resistant fabric perfect for French Bulldog owners.

Clean Floors

For hard floors, routinely sweeping with a damped mop will help rid you of French Bulldog hair.


Using a good set of rubber gloves can help you pick up hair lying around on your furniture; just rub the gloves against the cloth, and it’ll pick up most of the hair.


There are many benefits to having a humidifier, from keeping your French Bulldog’s skin welly hydrated to keeping fur hair from sticking to surfaces.

Lint Rollers and Rubber Brushes

Investing in a velcro type lint roller or brush can be used to get hairs on your clothing or furniture.

Rubber Broom

Get a rubber broom to pick up those loose dog hair if you have hardwood, tiles, or linoleum floors.

Scented Candles and Aroma Diffusers

There are different ways to have your home smell appealing, with scented candles or aroma diffusers and not like damp dog skin.


Covering your furniture with slipcovers or something similar can be used to collect hair and tossed away after collecting hair; simply just toss the slipcover in the washer when done.


An alternative to the gloves is using a damped sponge. This is also effective in removing hair from your clothes or furniture.

Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re finding yourself constantly picking up hair, you might as well get a strong vacuum cleaner with a good filter. Make sure you clear out the filter when you’re done using it so it doesn’t clog. This will help with the hair on your furniture that your French Bulldog might leave around.

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Shedding is all part of owning a French Bulldog. The most common reasons behind French Bulldog shedding are they are French Bulldogs. Other than that, there are a few other reasons French Bulldogs shed. These include hormonal changes, health reasons, environmental factors (such as humidity), nutrition, and diseases.

In reading, Do French Bulldogs Shed? Why and Tips on Prevention I hope you were able to find the reason for your French Bulldog’s shedding and some useful tips on how to minimize them doing so.

Have you dealt with shedding Frenchies? Do you have any tips to share? Please comment below.